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Based on ChatGPT 4


A smart feed with AI signals designed for humans. The Lighthouse neural network constantly searches for news that indicate the right moment to enter or exit a position.
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Q1 2024
The AI monitors open positions and continuously analyzes the market. If changes are detected, it will adjust your open positions to optimize profits and manage risks.


Q2 2024
Get personalized analytics of your trading, based on the history of your closed positions. Detailed analysis and recommendations will help improve your trading style.
Based on ChatGPT 4

ALA Assistant

Get up-to-date news and market analyses from our AI assistant. ALA keeps you up to date with everything happening in the world of cryptocurrencies.
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Trading Conditions and Pairs

Only pay for profitable positions

Only pay commission on successful trades. We grow together with your success!

Minimum difference in buy and sell prices

Enable maximal potential profits with every trade.

Dynamic buying power in any trading style

Choose your trading style: No leverage or risk with leverage up to x500


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